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Osclass REST API

The REST API is a web service that facilitates communication between external web applications and / or mobile applications. The offered API is used to communicate with the website based on the popular free Osclass advertising catalog (Open Source Classifieds).

With our API you can add, modify, delete and get ads. In addition to advertising activities, there are also search operations for information such as countries, regions (states), cities and location information.

Simple installation

To install Api, just upload the files to the directory on the server where the Osclass advertising portal is located.


The HMAC authentication mechanism (keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code, Hash-based Message Authentication Code) ensures both the integrity and the authenticity of the data sent to the API.


Available interactive documentation allows you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities and to check how the API works in practice. All available methods have been documented using the Open API (Swagger) specification.



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